Mountain Lifts Hit the slopes!

Within five minutes of you arriving at the Tirol Lodge, the Wilder Kaiser Mountains will be beckoning. You could put on your hiking boots and dash off in the direction of the Kaiser. It’s much more comfortable though to take the lift, particularly as the valley lift station is situated right next to the Tirol Lodge.

From May to September warning signs ought to be displayed on each of the 14 lift stations stating, “Beware. Romance!”. The months from spring to autumn bring a majestic panorama of lush alpine meadows, covered with colourful carpets of alpine flowers and herbs. Here you’ll see some of the Tyrolean alpine fauna such as cows and sheep and, if you are lucky, marmots and chamois.

In winter, the wild Emperor or “Wilder Kaiser” watches your every turn on the 284 kilometres of ski pistes. You could almost imagine that he’s jealous of all the on-the-piste fun, the KinderWelt, Party Zone, in one of the many traditional mountain huts, or at Ellmi’s winter wonderland. The Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental, with modern lifts and superbly prepared ski pistes, is one of the world’s leading ski regions.

Wander in to Ellmi’s Zauberwelt or Adventure World. Once upon a time, the young Ellmatio was transformed in to a frog by his teacher, the wizard Tumaris. Ever since that day, he has wished for nothing else than to become a young boy again. The various stations in Ellmi’s Zauberwelt introduce you to the magical, spellbound, comical and traditional alpine world of the Wilder Kaiser.

Still not had enough of the Wilder Kaiser? Then you’ve probably not yet visited all six mountain adventure worlds in the region: Filzalmsee in Brixen im Thale, Ellmi’s Zauberwelt in Ellmau, Hohe Salve in Hopfgarten-Soell, KaiserWelt in Scheffau, Hexenwasser in Soell and the Alpinolino in Westendorf.